Custom Software Development

Canned software is great! Until it isn’t.

Growing businesses eventually reach the point when off-the-shelf software just doesn’t cut it any more. Sure—it does 90% of what’s needed, but that missing 10% causes endless headaches.

How many times have we seen an entire business managing its critical data in Excel, and running up against Excel’s limitations?

How many times have we seen essential business workflows cobbled together from multiple free and low-cost software packages, when what’s really needed is a single, integrated system?

OneHat offers custom software solutions for businesses and organizations of any size.

AI Integration |  Enterprise Business | Mobile | Web | Desktop | Hybrid HTML5 | Embedded | Smart Home

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AI Integration


Empower your apps with cutting-edge intelligence! At OneHat, we can seamlessly integrate artificial intelligence into your software solutions, transforming them into intelligent, dynamic, and highly responsive platforms. Harness the power of AI to automate tasks, unlock unparalleled insights, and elevate user experiences. Join us in embracing the future of technology – where your apps not only function but evolve intelligently. Let us craft a smarter tomorrow together!

Enterprise Business Software


OneHat enterprise business software gives you exactly what you need to run your business; it’s easy to use and beautiful to look at!

Mobile Apps


OneHat builds cross-platform, native mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. This includes tablets like the iPad and phones like the iPhone. Build your exciting mobile app today!

Web Apps


Chrome Firefox Safari Edge

Web apps are great, in that they can be quickly and easily deployed to any device that uses a modern web browser, regardless of device size, type, or operating system.

Desktop Apps


Windows Linux macos

The large available screen sizes make desktop apps perfect for viewing and manipulating data! Let OneHat build you a Windows, Linux, or MacOS app today!

Hybrid HTML5 Apps


Android iOS Chrome Firefox Safari Edge Windows Linux macos

Hybrid apps are hot right now! Basically, a combination of web, desktop, and mobile, these apps brilliantly allow a “write once,  deploy to many” approach to differing software platforms, including Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Embedded Systems


Windows Linux

Embedded systems find their usefulness within the context of other, larger systems. For example, since 2018, OneHat has been creating beautiful and functional user interfaces for  heavy equipment, as well as the software to create those embedded user interfaces.

Smart Home Apps


Alexa Google Home
Smart Home apps—built for devices like Amazon’s Alexa, or Google’s Home—are all the rage these days. Have OneHat design and build a custom app for your smart home device.