Embedded Systems

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HTML5 apps are finding their way into every area of technology, including embedded systems. This is because HTML5 apps avoid the headache of building the same app multiple times for different operating systems. The promise of build-once, deploy-many is finally a reality! All you need is a modern web browser, and your delivery platform is complete!

Embedded systems find their usefulness within the context of other, larger systems.

OneHat has designed and built user interfaces for hardware devices in several industries including mining, marine, electrical power generation, heavy equipment, and more.

Additionally, OneHat designed and built a complete software platform for the creation of user interfaces applications—essentially an app that builds other apps.

HTML5 apps in embedded systems can run in native web browsers like Safari or Chrome; embedded browsers within native containers like ElectronJS; or in custom native containers utilizing the Chromium Embedded Framework.


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Case Study: ARI

In 2019, OneHat began work on the Canari project—a new initiative within ARI. This platform enables non-programmers to rapidly develop user-interface applications for hardware devices. Essentially, it’s an app that builds other apps for embedded hardware.