Why are estimates so difficult in software development?

Software estimation is difficult, and what some people try to do with software estimation isn't even theoretically possible. Upper management, lower management, customers, and some developers don't seem to understand why estimation is so hard. People who don't understand software estimation's inherent difficulties can play an unwitting role in making estimation even harder than it already is. — Steve McConnell in Rapid Development

What is an estimate?

Estimation is one of the simplest, yet most frightening activities that software professionals face. … It is the primary wedge that has been driven between business people and developers. It is the source of nearly all distrust that rules that relationship. — Robert Martin in The Clean Coder

Why be so outspoken about Christ in business?

Not because we believe a Christian business must put Christ’s name on everything they do. Martin Luther once said (as quoted by DW), “If you’re going to be a Christian cobbler, you don’t make shoes with little crosses on them, you just make good shoes.”

The AI’s Worldview

...an AI tool cannot help but reflect the underlying worldview of its creators. They trained it; they taught it was was “correct” and “incorrect,” and they instructed it what these perspectives were (or were not) grounded upon.

Review of Compassion (&) Conviction

My overall summary of the book is that where it’s good, it’s very good, and where it’s bad it’s very bad.

When Software Breaks the 6th Commandment

The sixth commandment simply states, “You shall not murder.” Can software systems violate this command? Apparently so.

Welcome CrossPolitic viewers!

Throughout the months of October, November, and December, OneHat will be conducting a marketing campaign on the CrossPolitic podcast.

The Primary Purpose of Business

What’s the Point of it All? Most people in our culture—if they are honest—would admit they have no idea why they’re alive; no idea what they’re made for; and no idea what their ultimate purpose is. But there IS ultimate purpose to life!

Why do you mix religion with software development?

Why mix religion with software development? Because it is unnatural to separate them. Jesus Christ is the Creator of everything...

“I’ll never do business with another Christian!”

Have you ever felt that way? I certainly have. Often. Many of the worst experiences in my career were with other Christians. Christians can be rude, short-tempered, ungrateful for the generocity of others, and altogether cheap. ...

We’re not neutral—but at least we’re honest about it!

No company is neutral. Neutrality is a myth.

Beauty in Business

Our world is teeming with beauty. Beauty brings joy. It fills a person with wonder. It motivates one to act... Beauty goes to the core of life, and to...

Goodness in Business

“Just be good.” Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? The problem is that no one can agree on exactly what good is or what evil is.

Truth in Business

Truth is the foundation for trust, and trust is what makes business relationships possible. Without shared truth, business becomes completely unworkable.

Truth, Goodness, and Beauty in Business

From Plato to Today Thousands of years ago, Plato wrote about truth goodness and beauty as being the transcendentals—absolutes from outside of creation, which are nevertheless embedded within creation, and recognized by humans as participants in that creation. Man’s responsibility was to live in harmony with this cosmic order. To do otherwise was to invite […]

Software Craftsmanship

Craftsmanship is a Gift from God When God commanded the tabernacle to be built in the Old Testament, a master craftsman was put in charge of the construction. The scene is described in this way… Now the Lord spoke to Moses, saying, “See, I have called by name Bezalel, the son of Uri, the son […]